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Only Constant thing in Life : Change

I regularly read Zen Habits blog as I find his philosophy of life very close to what I try to attain with my life. Often he writes about How we should not get attached to Objects in our life and should be more concerned about inner self. I try to follow it as much as I can.
For the past 13 years of my life I've changed my abode at least 10 times, and it's a case with most of the people in my line of work. Some may even call it Occupational Hazards. I like it when I decide to move, and not when someone asks me to do so, although most of the time it's me.
There are pros-n-cons of this constant movement, for example:
1. Leaving a Social circle which we built by carefully scrutinizing people around us. It takes time and considerable effort to build a relationship of Trust and Mutual respect, and no matter how hard we try to keep Long distance relationships, it is never the same. Electronic Communication can never substitute the Weekend Discussion with Cold beer and Fried Chicken.

2. Local knowledge: Over the period of time we evaluate the Best bakery, Restaurants, Malls etc. We try to figure out the local departmental store, the deals it offer, days to avoid, the helpful store boy who will help you get the fresh fruits from his secret location.
Shortest and fastest route to the Train/Bus station. We even remember the pot holes to save your car suspension.
All this knowledge is lost as the chances are I'll never be back at this same place ever again.  And even if I did, the place will never be same. Everything will be changed.
3. Feeling of calling a rented apartment Home: It takes time to get that level of comfort with a new place.
4. Nostalgia: Getting out of that Comfort Zone which we create for ourselves, brick by brick.

1. Always on the learning track. it feels like College never ended for me.
2. I Trust my instincts: Every time I move to a new place it's my instincts which tell me who/what is right for me and my family.
(Just read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (author) on Instincts )
3. Adding new friends and personalities to my life. I read theories in Books and then I meet new people which help me validate the Hypothesis. Most of the stuff I've learned in my life, is either from Books or Friends.

Everytime I watch @Great Migrations , somehow I feel I can relate to them.


There are so many things in my  life which I le...